False Relationships and the Extended Endings Ensemble for New Music

18 musicians, mainly based in the cities of Basel, Freiburg i. Br. and Strasbourg, are brought together to form this unconventional and unique Ensemble. The instrumentation of accordion, viola, recorder, voice, medieval keyboards, guitar, harp, contrabass, clarinet, trombone, electronics, two saxophones, and two percussionists, False Relationships and the Extended Endings is a newly founded ensemble for new music based in three-cities (Basel, Freiburg i. Br., Strasbourg) and three-countries (Switzerland, Germany, France).

Besides having as a basic focal point the offering of unique concert experiences to the musical communities with the highest possible performative level, it aims in the creation of new, innovative soundscapes through close collaboration with young emerging composers. The ensemble remains open to new concert forms with Interdisciplinary character, and as a cross-border ensemble, it aspires to break boundaries, of any sort, and to become a cultural link between the countries it represents and beyond.