Charlotte Torres is a French composer born in 1979. She currently lives in Basel.

She studied first classical piano and won several international competitions: Concours Musical de France, Concours international de Gaillard, First Prize at the Concours Radio France.

In 2011, she completed a Master’s degree in Free Improvisation at the Musikakademie Basel, Hochschule für Musik FHNW.

2019, Master in composition with Xavier Dayer and Simon Steen Andersen at the Hochschule der Künste Bern – HKB.

Further studies with Philippe Manoury in Strasbourg.

In 2020, her piece “L’ombre de Franz” was chosen by the European Composer and Author Alliance – ECSA to represent Switzerland at the ECCO concert in Brussels.

The same year, Charlotte Torres receives the support of the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation for a composition commission from the Ensemble Soundtrieb.

In 2021, she is one of the composers selected for the Trabant project of the Ensemble Phoenix Basel.

Her works have been performed in Switzerland, France, Belgium, Austria and Spain by professional ensembles like: Nouvel Ensemble Contemporain (NEC), Ensemble This Ensemble That, Ensemble Nuances, Ensemble Vertigo, Berner Kammerorchester – BKO, Quatuor Adastra Strasbourg, Ensemble Polygon, Ensemble Fractales Belgium, Trio Tramontana Bern, Ensemble SoundTrieb Lucerne, Ensemble Phoenix Basel, Forum Musik Diversität Basel, Chloé Bieri, Delay-Diz collective Bern.

Her music offers the experience of a moving, radical and broken music. It can remain at a minimal noise level for a very long time, austere, detailed, breathless. And then suddenly become overwrought, oversaturated, screaming.

So, it is a destabilizing music that takes a risk without fear. With a lot of humor as a counterbalance. A smiling and luminous humor, similar to the naïve humor of the sad clown.