Dimitri Debroutelle is a french trombonist. Born in the North of France in 1992, he went to Rouen, Versailles, Lille and Strasbourg to study with great trombone masters, and to finally achieve a Teaching Diploma (Lille) and a Master Degree in Musical Interpretation (Strasbourg). As a trombonist, he is interested in a lot of different styles, from early music, classical music, to rock or contemporary music. He can play the sackbut, the alto, tenor and bass trombones. He had the chance to play in some symphony orchestras, like Orchestre National de Lille, Orchestre de Picardie or Orchestre de Chambre Nouvelle Europe. For many years, Dimitri got more experiences in contemporary music, especially during his studies in Strasbourg, where he took part in the Musica Festival, working with Philippe Manoury, Tom Mays and Luca Francesconi. He premiered a piece for trombone solo and live electronic, ensemble pieces from Stockausen, Adams, Varèse and different pieces from students in Strasbourg. In 2019 he wrote a thesis about the new technical difficulties generated by the slide utilization in the contemporary repertoire. He is also passionate about teaching and is now trombone teacher in the Conservatoire of Epinal (Vosges, France).